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Starman Magazine is breaking new grounds in the world of information dissemination across Africa and the world at large. Driven by the desire for a better society, we are poised to bringing intuitive, insightful, and educative information from a satellite viewpoint free from predisposition of any kind; hence the name ‘STARMAN’.

Our Vision

Starman Magazine is published to be the megaphone for disseminating current and relevant information fields for the growth and development of the economy of Nigeria; to promote and encourage transparency and accountability in governance; to analyse micro and macro-economic policies to enhance the development, sustainability and advancement of the standard of living of our people thus placing the economy in a better and enviable position within the comity of nations.

Our Mission

As a unique magazine, it will seek to draw attention to human activities within the context of the geographical evolution of man. We are poised to develop talents in all ramifications that will be of assistance to humanity in its determined efforts to attain emancipation and self-actualisation; to showcase, project and promote individuals and corporate bodies who excel in their chosen fields of endeavours as well as welcome views, ideas, suggestions, observations, etc. on finding solutions to problems confronting humanity.

Our Objective

Our objective is to publish the truth towards identifying the problems and proffering solutions to challenges confronting citizens in an evolving economy like Nigeria; the sustainability of our country’s economic and socio-political development will be focused on, and consolidation of our collective fortunes and commonwealth pursued in our day-to-day news research, analysis and promotion to usher in an era of re-engineering and overhauling of our systems and structures.

Our Principle

Starman magazine stands for quality, excellent product delivery, highly efficient processes and outstanding results. The success of our company is derived from the fact that we live common values and aspire to shared objectives through well coordinated interpersonal relationships among our staff.

From The Publisher

There is a euphoric air here at STARMAN MAGAZINE. Something good and fine. We are moving into a new dimension that will help people in many aspects of their lives, personal and professional. There is a blueprint tailored towards revamping every aspect of our national life, guiding its activities, to give the people a perfect sense of belonging. Continental and international issues are also our focal points.

Education is believed to be the bedrock of our economy – the problems besetting our educational system and proffered solutions, as analysed is idyllic.

Access to information is an interesting ‘juice’ with down-to-earth update that leaves the reader totally soaked about current trends in information acquisition and disseminating.

Trailing the good and the great in business, public society and philanthropy, will help one accumulate some fortune of experience. Our interviews on personalities are definitive, decisive and authoritative. We need to update the young people about these great men that have made it; offering the young people the harsh realities of these great men’s ascent to fame and fortune – that life is not ‘butter and bread’ alone.

We shall continue to work hard to identify and publish terrific news to fulfill our mandate; work with eminent and distinguished personalities, as part of STARMAN’s family that add to the conversation of enrichment.

Thank you for being part of this move. We look forward to serving you and having more interesting moment now and beyond.

God bless Nigeria.


Rt. Hon. Dr. Edwin Okon

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